Guest Information


Members and Privilege Holders are expected to know and adhere to all the Policies and Rules of the Club and are also expected to advise their guests of the Club's Policies and Rules prior to their arrival at the Club; such information can be easily accessed on the Club website. 

(1) Golf Policies and Rules

A round of golf at Winged Foot always starts with the Director of Golf Services, with whom players must check in before the start of a round.  Winged Foot is primarily a walking course.  The Director of Golf Services will coordinate caddies at the beginning of a round if necessary. All players must have a caddie even if they are using a golf cart, with limited exceptions as stated below.

Caring for the Courses

Members, Privilege Holders and their guests are expected to show all others on the golf course the courtesy and respect that is traditional at Winged Foot.  Moreover, all players and their caddies are requested to help maintain the fine condition of our courses by correctly repairing ball marks on the green (fix your own mark and one other), replacing divots and properly raking bunkers.  All divots, except those shattered, are to be replaced.  In the fairways only, divot mix is to be used along with a replaced divot if necessary.  Divot mix is not to be used in the "step cut" or the rough; they are different grasses.  Bunkers are to be entered into and exited from the low side; players and caddies may not enter or exit any bunker from the high side.  While Members should ensure that caddies comply with these policies, at all times it is our Members who are primarily responsible for caring for the course.

Pace of Play

The Golf & Tournament Committee supports the "Ready Golf" rule from the R&A.  Simply put, "Ready Golf" means that each golfer within a group hits when ready.  This allows players within a group to take their swings when each member of the group is ready to play. If a player reaches his or her ball and is ready to hit, while other members of his or her group are not yet prepared, then that player should go ahead and hit even when not away.  Staying ahead of the group behind is necessary, but not sufficient; all groups are required to keep up with the group in front of them.  In no circumstances should a round at Winged Foot take more than 4:00 to complete.

Members, Privilege Holders and, especially, guests should play the tees that are appropriate for their handicaps.  Guests who do not have a single digit handicap are not permitted to play from any set of back tees.

The foursome constitutes the basic unit of golf at Winged Foot.  When singles, twosomes or threesomes find themselves behind foursomes, particularly on weekends, they should not press to "play through" – especially if the foursome is keeping pace with the group directly ahead.  Fivesomes are not allowed, except from December 1 through March 1, and then only with permission of the Director of Golf Services. 

Starting a Round

The Club utilizes a combination of tee times and "walk on" to start rounds of golf.

When in effect, tee times are made directly via ForeTees or by emailing the Director of Golf Services.

When tee times are not in effect, Members and Privilege Holders may walk on, after checking in with the Director of Golf Services.  After all players in the group are present and have checked in with the Director of Golf Services, a ball may be placed in the queue on the first tee to determine the order of play. During peak hours (7:30-8:30), a member of the professional staff may be present at the first tee; in those cases, a group will be permitted to place a ball in the queue only after the pro receives confirmation from the Director of Golf Services that all members of the group have checked in. 

When tee times are not in effect, there may be an accommodation for up to two twosomes for each of the courses on weekend and holiday mornings. In such cases, if the twosome is present and checks in with the Director of Golf Services by 7:00 am they will be given priority.  Singles will not be permitted early on weekend or holiday mornings.

Driving Range and Practice Areas

Players should always be mindful that they are sharing practice areas with fellow Members, Privilege Holders and their guests. 
The driving range, practice areas and putting greens are integral parts of our facility.  Members, Privilege Holders and their guests are expected to exercise proper etiquette and care while using the practice areas and range.  Balls must never be hit over the driving range net for obvious safety reasons; a violation of this rule will result in immediate disciplinary action by the Board of Governors.  Members and Privilege Holders are responsible for ensuring that their guests do not hit balls over the driving range net.  The professional staff has been instructed to report anyone observed hitting balls over the net.

When there is a wait for teeing space at the range, golfers should limit their practice time to allow others an opportunity; children should give way to Members and Privilege Holders when the practice tee is full.  Hitting from the grass area in front of the range mats is strictly prohibited.  

When chipping, pitching, or hitting sand shots onto the practice greens, players are required to check for and repair ball marks, rake bunkers, leave rakes outside the bunkers and replace practice balls back in the shag basket or designated area.  Players may only hit to the green directly in front of them; shots over 20 yards are prohibited.  Large divots are not to be taken from the closely mown areas; players who are unable to clip the ball are asked to hit from the rough areas.  This area receives very heavy play, and all golfers are expected to help maintain this area and display safe hitting practices.  Guests are to be reminded of these rules.

Children who are not playing golf or practicing are not allowed on the golf course or practice facilities.  Children under 12 are not permitted in the practice area unaccompanied.  Parents are responsible for the close supervision of all children while on the Club premises.  All persons using the driving range and practice areas are expected to adhere to the Club's dress code (see below).

All golfers and caddies are prohibited from entering the range to look for balls.  Stakes have been installed to indicate where the range begins. If a player's tee shot on #1 West crosses the stakes, the ball is to be left in the range area.  Players on the range are required to stop hitting when golfers and caddies walking down #1 West are near the range boundary and as they are playing their approach shots to #1 West green.

The in-season hours of operation for the range are 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, weather permitting.  The driving range and practice areas are closed to Members and Privilege Holders on Mondays.  Violations of driving range and practice area rules should be reported to the General Manager or the professional staff.