Practice Area & Driving Range


Practice Area

Shagging balls on practice green. When chipping onto the Practice Greens you must pick up your balls and repair your ball marks. The balls you hit onto the green are to be shagged by either the player or their caddie. Leaving balls that you have hit on one of the practice greens is a direct violation of Club policy.

Please rake the Practice Area bunkers after use. Balls are not to be left in the bunkers. The rake is to be left outside the bunker.

Large divots are not to be taken from the closely mown areas at the new Practice Greens. If you are unable to nip the ball and not take a large divot, you are asked to hit from the rough areas. You are expected to fill divots with divot mix. This area is receiving very heavy play and all golfers are expected to help maintain this area.

Please be mindful of those around you. If someone is shagging balls from a green and you are hitting balls out of a bunker, please use caution.

Driving Range

HITTING BALLS OVER THE NET IS A DIRECT VIOLATION OF CLUB RULES. This is a very serious matter. Anyone observed hitting a ball over the net will be reported to the Membership Standards Committee. Anyone in violation of this Rule will be subject to disciplinary action from the Membership Standards Committee including suspension. If your Guest is reported hitting balls over the Range net, you will be subject to disciplinary action including suspension.

If you observe someone hitting balls over the net, you are asked to please report this matter to someone on the professional staff immediately. If someone from the professional staff is not present on the Range, please use the phone located on the Range and call Anne Drake in Colin Burns' office or call the Golf Shop.

If you are a long hitter, you should refrain from hitting any club that you know could fly over the range net. The maximum length shot is 210 yards, regardless of what club is being used. New yardage signs are being installed.

The Professional staff has been instructed to report anyone observed hitting balls over the net.