In the time-honored tradition, players are encouraged to walk the course with the assistance of caddies. Members or privilege holders on The Approved for Golf Cart Use List (i.e. Seniors ~ age 70 years and older, and those with a Medical Need) have access to golf carts, weather and conditions permitting. The List will be kept in the Caddie Masterís office. Golfers using carts are required to have caddies, except after 3:30p.m. when caddies are optional for Members and privilege holders. Carts are not to be driven closer than thirty (30) feet of all greens and must be parked in the rough around the greens and never in the fairway approach in front of the green. In the absence of cart paths, carts must be parked ten (10) feet or more from the Tee. Violation of cart rules will result in a letter to the Member or privilege holder and suspension of cart privileges.