Guest Information

Welcome to Winged Foot Golf Club. Your visit to the Club is very important to us. The Winged Foot Golf Club staff is dedicated to making your visit very special.  Please take a few minutes to review the Guest Information on this page to familiarize yourself with our Standards of Dress, information about mobile devices, and pace of play. 

Please note, when you arrive at the Club, we ask that you pull right up to the bag drop area, located behind 10 East green.  The valet parking staff will be waiting to assist you with your bags, park your car, and direct you to the Caddie Master.

If there is anything that the staff can do for you, please let us know.  See you soon.


Dress Policy

The Winged Foot dress policy is designed to maintain the tradition, decorum and dignity of our Club and the game of golf. While using Club facilities proper dress should be traditional, neat and conservative.

Cargo pants/shorts, denim (with the exception of white jeans for women) and workout clothing are not acceptable anywhere on the Club premises.  Articles of clothing designed with rips or tears are prohibited. Athletic/high-top sneakers, rubber sandals or flip flops, and Crocs are only permitted at the Pool area.

Men may not wear hats anywhere in the Clubhouse or on the Terrace, except when passing through the Grille Room during a round of golf. Women may wear golf hats on the Terrace. Hats are only to be worn with the brim facing forward.


Dining Dress Policy

Men may wear shorts in the Grille Room at any time, on the Terrace any time Sunday to Thursday and in the East Room (Geo's Bar) until 7:00 PM. On Friday and Saturday men may not wear shorts on the Terrace after 7:00 PM. At all other times men must wear slacks. Men are encouraged, but not required, to wear jackets in the front of the Clubhouse - East Room, Dining Room and Founders' Room.  Golf shoes are not permitted in the front of the Clubhouse. 

Casual dress is allowed at any time in the Club Room.


Golf Attire for Men

Collared shirts and slacks or shorts are required. Shirts must be tucked in at all times and shorts must be of Bermuda length. Both slacks and shorts must be tailored for golf. Long-sleeved turtlenecks and long-sleeved mock turtlenecks are permitted. Belts are required. Sneaker style golf shoes of a conservative style (such as those sold in the Pro Shop) are acceptable golf attire. No "high-top" sneakers.  Only soft spikes are permitted.


Golf Attire for Women

Slacks, capris, skirts and skorts no more than 4 inches above the knee are acceptable. Shorts must be 7" inseam or greater.  All clothing must be conservative, golf specific and in good taste.  Halter, tube or tank tops, open midriffs, short shorts, tennis skirts and colored jeans are not acceptable. White jeans are allowed.


Golf Attire For Juniors

Junior golfers 14 and over must follow adult rules. Junior golfers under 14 are allowed to wear appropriate golf attire and conservative athletic shoes.


Pool Attire

Pool attire is strictly limited to the immediate Pool area and is not acceptable in any other area of the Club grounds. No denim, other than white jeans for women, is permitted at the pool. As an example, blue denim jeans or shorts are not permitted, unless a specific event theme permits.


Cell Phone and Personal Electronics Policy 

All electronic devices on Club grounds shall be silenced - or turned to vibrate.  Tablets or Laptop computers for use by guests can only be used in the locker rooms or at the pool. No video conferencing is allowed at the pool.

Smart phones can be used to take or view pictures on the Club grounds.

Email or texting is permitted in locker rooms, at the pool area, and in the Founders Room (unless occupied by a private group).

Use of cell phones for conversation is permitted only in the privacy of one's car while in parking lots, in the Clubhouse locker rooms, in the pool locker rooms or near the fence line, away from Members and guests. These phone calls are expected to be short and occur only when necessary.


Pace of Play

The Golf & Tournament Committee supports the "Ready Golf" rule from the R&A.  Simply put, "Ready Golf" means that each golfer within a group hits when ready.  This allows players within a group to take their swings when each member of the group is ready to play. If a player reaches his or her ball and is ready to hit, while other members of his or her group are not yet prepared, then that player should go ahead and hit even when not away.  Staying ahead of the group behind is necessary, but not sufficient; all groups are required to keep up with the group in front of them.  In no circumstances should a round at Winged Foot take more than 4:00 hours to be completed.

Guests should play the tees that are appropriate for their handicaps. Guests who do not have a single digit handicap are not permitted to play from any set of back tees.

The foursome constitutes the basic unit of golf at Winged Foot.  When singles, twosomes or threesomes find themselves behind foursomes, particularly on weekends, they should not press to "play through" – especially if the foursome is keeping pace with the group directly ahead.


Driving Range and Practice Areas

The driving range, practice areas and putting greens are integral parts of our facility.  Guests are expected to exercise proper etiquette and care while using the practice areas and range.  Balls must never be hit over the driving range net for obvious safety reasons.  Members and Privilege Holders are responsible for ensuring that their guests do not hit balls over the driving range net.  The professional staff has been instructed to report anyone observed hitting balls over the net. Hitting from the grass area in front of the range mats is strictly prohibited. 

When chipping, pitching, or hitting sand shots onto the practice greens, players are required to check for and repair ball marks, rake bunkers, leave rakes outside the bunkers and replace practice balls back in the shag basket or designated area.  Players may only hit to the green directly in front of them; shots over 20 yards are prohibited.  Large divots are not to be taken from the closely mown areas; players who are unable to nip the ball are asked to hit from the rough areas.  This area receives very heavy play, and all golfers are expected to help maintain this area and display safe hitting practices.