Guest Information

Welcome to Winged Foot Golf Club. We ask that you please take a moment to read this information prior to your arrival at the club.

Dress Policy

The Winged Foot Dress Policy is designed to maintain the tradition, decorum and dignity of our Club. Proper dress while using Club facilities is traditional and conservative and applies to all Members, their families, guests and child care providers. Members are required to be familiar with these standards and are responsible for their guests’ conformance.

The Club's website has a section containing information on the Club's Dress Policy and other rules that can be forwarded to guests for their information. Copies are also available at the reception desk


Club Grounds

Cargo pants/shorts, denim, and work out clothing are not acceptable anywhere on the premises. Rips of any kind in any articles of clothing are prohibited.

White jeans for women will be allowed in the Clubhouse and on the terrace.

On Friday and Saturday nights, shorts for men are not permitted after 7:00 pm on Club grounds with the exception of the Pool and the golf courses/practice areas, and at those tables in the Grille Room closest to the bar - for bar service only, not dining. Shorts may be worn in the Grille Room and on the Terrace after 7:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and by women any time.

From time to time the House Committee and Board of Governors may approve shorts throughout the clubhouse for special events or occasions.

Athletic/high-top sneakers, rubber sandals, and crocs are only permitted at the Pool.

Men may not wear golf hats anywhere in the clubhouse or on the terrace. Women may wear golf hats on the Terrace. Hats are only to be worn with the brim facing forward.

Children are expected to be dressed in accordance with the Club Dress Code at all times, the only exception being infants.

Golf Attire For Men

Collared shirts and slacks or shorts are required. Shirts must be tucked in at all times and shorts must be of Bermuda length. Both slacks and shorts must be tailored for golf. Long-sleeved turtlenecks and long-sleeved mock turtlenecks are permitted. Belts are required. Sneaker style golf shoes of a conservative style (such as those sold in the Pro Shop) are acceptable golf attire. No “high-top” sneakers.

Golf Attire For Women

Slacks, capris, SKIRTS AND SKORTS no more than 4 inches above the knee are acceptable. SHORTS MUST BE 7” INSEAM OR GREATER. All clothing must be conservative, GOLF SPECIFIC AND IN GOOD TASTE. Halter, tube or tank tops, open midriffs, short shorts, tennis skirts and jeans are not acceptable.

Golf Attire For Juniors

Junior golfers 14 and over must follow adult rules. Children under 14 are allowed to wear conservative athletic shoes for golf only.

Casual Dining Attire

Casual attire worn while dining in the Grille Room or on the Terrace should be in keeping with the proper decorum of the Club and the guidelines listed above. Permitted Club Golf attire for men and women is appropriate.

Pool Attire

Pool attire is strictly limited to the immediate Pool area and is not acceptable in any other area of the Club grounds.

Club events will have specific dress standards posted on each announcement and can be referenced on our website or by calling the front desk.

If there are any questions regarding Dress Policy please reach out to Lily Braswell –

Pace of Play

A foursome is expected to complete a friendly round of golf in no more than 4 hours. Slow play will not be permitted and high handicappers should not play from the blue tees. Players shall start only at No. 1 West tee or No. 1 East tee unless otherwise approved by the Caddie Master.


We are blessed with two great golf courses that are excellent courses to walk and players are encouraged to do so with the assistance of caddies. Weather and course conditions permitting, golf carts are available to those Members and Privilege Holders on the Approved for Golf Cart Use List (Seniors ~age 70 years and older and those with a Medical Need).  This List will be kept in the Caddie Master's Office.  Golfers using carts are required to have caddies except after 3:30 pm when caddies are optional for members and privilege holders.  Carts are not to be driven closer than thirty 30 feet of all greens and must be parked in the rough around the greens and never in the fairway approach in front of the greens. In the absence of cart paths, carts must be parked ten (10) feet or more from the Tee.  Violation of cart rules will result in a letter to the Member/Privilege  Holder and suspension of cart privileges.

Practice Area

When using the practice range, balls never should be hit over the net. Any person observed doing so will be asked to stop practicing immediately. Members will face disciplinary action if any guest they are hosting violates this rule.

Cell Phone and Personal Electronics Protocol

  • Any electronic devices anywhere on Club grounds shall be silenced - without exception.
  • Laptop computers for use by Members, privilege holders or guests are not acceptable anywhere on Club grounds.
  • Smart phones or tablets shall not be allowed for any reason on the courses.
  • Smart phones can be used to take pictures on the Club grounds other than on the golf courses.
  • Tablets/e-readers can only be used at the pool or in the locker rooms. Nowhere else.
  • Texting is permitted in locker rooms and (anywhere) at the pool.
  • Use of smart phones as phones is permitted only in the privacy of your car while in parking lots, in Clubhouse phone booths, in the Clubhouse locker rooms and in the pool locker rooms, as well as in a marked restricted area off to the side of the pool area where calls could be taken or made without disturbing others.