Guest Information

Policies at Winged Foot

Winged Foot is a golf club with great traditions. We have inherited two magnificent golf courses designed by a genius of 20th century golf course architecture, Albert Warren Tillinghast, who considered Winged Foot to be his greatest design achievement. Winged Foot is thought by many to have the best 36 holes of golf at any club in the world. We are heirs to great golf traditions that date back to the founding of the Club in 1921. All of us sense these traditions every time we enter the Club grounds and approach our magnificent Clubhouse. Our Clubhouse remains one of the most iconic in the golf world designed by Charles Wendehack. Mr. Wendehack was considered at the time to be the finest Clubhouse architect in the world. 

A round of golf at Winged Foot always starts with the Director of Golf Operations and you must check in with him before the start of a round. Winged Foot is primarily a walking course. The Director of Golf Operations will assign caddies at the beginning of a round.

Pace of Play

The Golf & Tournament Committee supports the "ready golf" rule from the R&A. "Ready golf" refers to a method for golfers to speed up play. Simply put, "ready golf" means that each golfer within a group hits when ready. Ready golf allows the golfers within a group to take their swings when each member of the group is ready to play. If you reach your ball and are ready to hit, while other members of your group are not yet prepared, then go ahead and hit - even if you are not away."

The foursome constitutes the basic unit of golf at Winged Foot and is a tradition at Winged Foot. Each foursome should keep pace with the group ahead. When singles, twosomes or threesomes find themselves behind foursomes, particularly on weekends, they should not press to "go through" – especially if the foursome is keeping pace with the group directly ahead. If a group fails to keep pace with the group ahead and an open hole separates the two games, common courtesy allows the faster group "play through." Equally important, the group playing through should return the courtesy by playing rapidly with a minimum of delay.

Practice Area - Putting Greens Etiquette

All persons using the Driving Range and Practice Area are expected to adhere to the Club's dress policy.

The Club practice areas and putting greens are an integral part of our facility. Guests are expected to exercise proper etiquette and care while using the practice areas and range. Balls must never be hit over the driving range net for obvious safety reasons and a violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action by the Board of Governors. When there is a wait for teeing space at the range, you should limit your practice time to allow others an opportunity. When chipping, pitching, or hitting sand shots onto the practice green, please check for and repair ball marks, rake the bunker, and place practice balls back in the shag basket or designated area. Children who are not playing golf or practicing are not allowed on the golf course, greens, bunkers or practice facilities. Parents are responsible for the close supervision of all children while on the Club premises.

Caring for the Courses

Guests are expected to show all others on the golf course the courtesy and respect that is traditional at Winged Foot. Moreover, all players and their caddies are requested to help maintain the fine condition of our courses by properly repairing ball marks on the green (fix your own mark and one other), replacing divots and raking bunkers. All divots except those shattered, are to be replaced; divot mix is to be used along with replaced divot, or to fill an empty divot hole.